Editorial: The Guns have gone silent

Today, as the snow fell across the land, Monovians everywhere began a Pilgrimage. Do not be mistaken, for this is not a Religious or Political matter, for these Citizens are making there way to the battle-torn Mount Imperial for Sledging.

The site of countless wars and battles is now a sea of laughter, and the only shouts are those of joy. It seems remarkable that such a change can happen so quickly.

The scars remain deep – Monovia has not had a functioning legislature for over a year. Divisions are still as clear as a lagoon and it would be ignorant of me to ignore this. But the point is, for the first time Monovians are beginning to realize that war will not fulfill there dreams, that they can feel important without having to take up arms.

Separatism, though still a major political force, has been softened, with many Militant groups instead wishing to see there objectives fulfilled via peaceful and political means.

But some are obviously not going to benefit from this. Warlords have done well as a result of constant conflict and political instability. These people often controlled large areas of the country and funded political dissidents, adding petrol to the fire.

But there time is over. The three Kaestrovias have also struggled, the Traditional Kaestrovia has became a secondary-group, most of its leaders and fighters are involved elsewhere, the Reformed Kaestrovia has essentially been absorbed into the Forvian Liberation Army, and the New Kaestrovia has dissolved (it was a coalition of anti-Monovish forces that used the Kaestrovian name, it became defunct after all of its members denounced it).

Instead people are beginning to take a interest in Monovia’s Political system. Several parties have already been registered, and the current Authority is working hard to draw up Monovia’s political system.

But then, as so often does, I was asked by a young local, “How’s it going to being a Dictator?”, I smiled and replied “Very good thank you!”.

2 Responses to “Editorial: The Guns have gone silent”
  1. The situation in Monovia definitely sounds hopeful. I’m glad that your citizens are getting more involved in politics, I hope I will be able to eventually say the same for Yurtyzstan 🙂

  2. Kaiser Webb says:

    Finally! The end of the facist anti black Kaestrovia is gone!

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